A month ago I was craving for ramen. Instant noodles simply couldn’t satisfy my craving. I was seriously thinking of going out and find a restaurant nearby when I could eat one. Then a restaurant came into mind called “Wang Debak”, which I visited before. My last and only visit there was with a group of friends sometime early this year. We ordered ramen but I couldn’t remember how it tasted like. I didn’t bother about it so much at that time.

Since I couldn’t think of anywhere near to eat and the restaurant was just 10 minutes away from my place, I gave it a go. I called my friend Jayson if he could accompany me and, thankfully, he did.

Wang Debak is located along Escriva Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. The landmarks are NEDA, University of Asia and the Pacific and Millenia Building. Its adjacent to the 7-11 store along Escriva.

The restaurant is a little small. It can probably cater for 30 people at the same time. The interior is a little bit dark, mostly having brown and dirty white shades. I find those colors for a restaurant to be quiet dull and gloomy but not to the point of being uncomfortable to dine at. That’s just my opinion.

The large Oriental style painting on the wall somewhat compensates for it. The painting depicts the mountains somewhere in Korea or Southern China (a popular style in Oriental Art). It gives customers a feel of ancient Korean civilization and adds a sense of authenticity to the restaurant.

The feel of the restaurant, in general, appears as if you’re eating somewhere in South Korea. It’s like most of the traditional restaurants I’ve been to in Seoul.

In terms of service, I found it good. Above average. The servers were friendly and quick to act whenever we needed something. In fact, we’ve been busy talking that the lady owner actually told me through the server to eat my ramen because it’s good to eat it warm. Appreciated that she went that extra mile : )

Spicy Ramen costs for around 150 pesos. Not bad.

Spicy Ramen costs for around 150 pesos. Not bad.

The ramen I ordered was just the ramen that I’m looking for. The noodles were thick and fine. Not too overcooked. The egg was mixed well and slowly with herbs to form a creamy and delicate soup. It’s quiet spicy. I like spicy food. But I find their ramen extra spicy. What I liked more about it was that the taste of the meat was not dominated by herbs or whatever additives they put in the noodles. That’s usually my complaint in the ramen that I tried in other restaurants.

And oh, didn’t I tell you that the side dishes were really good? I mean, really good. Better than the ones I tasted in South Korea. There was kimchi, and lettuce leaves with vinegar. What I liked most were the baby potatoes dipped into some sort of sweet soy sauce. It was delicate as the taste of baby potatoes mixed so well with the sweet soy sauce.

Hay, why its so hard to explain a food that is really good?

Take note, the side dishes are REFILLABLE!

I highly recommend people to dine at Wang Debak. Other dishes that I tried and people might be interested are their bulgogi and kim bob.

You can check the prices and menus on Zomato: https://www.zomato.com/manila/wang-debak-ortigas-pasig-city

Until next time.


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