It’s my 20th birthday!

Photo on 7-1-14 at 10.20 PM #2

What a year it has been! My 19th year in this world was definitely worth to be remembered. I had an even more supportive family, had overseas trips in October, had a fantastic first taste of job during internship at PMS, and finally got into fifth year for Masters!

The past year wasn’t really all perfect though! I had lots of misadventures and got a good deal of stress in school. 4th year is like the most stressful year, especially for Political Economy students. We had to read through many books and journals, do research papers and essays I can’t even count, and write two thesis proposals for Research Methods (Quantitative and Qualitative). I have finished most with flying colours except for some that needed to be finished up to my internship in the summer due to lack of data, revision of mind-blowing-theoretical-framework and the like. I suffered from a lot of things that I should not have to if not for my procrastination. I could have enjoyed my summer better! : (

I used ‘better’ to describe my summer experience because it wasn’t bad. Not at all. I spent most of my time working at the Presidential Management Staff in Malacanang. Boy, it was my first taste of real work and PMS did not disappoint. I had to write briefing notes for the President or for the PMS secretary like any employee does. I and some interns got a minuscule role in planning for this year’s SONA. And we’ve had a sing and dance presentation! Even more fantastic was the fact that I have met new friends.

So at the end of it all, I’m glad that I enjoyed what I enjoyed, and went through what I went through. I have came out stronger and more mature, I am certain about that.

And if there was one Person who saw me through everything it was God. He was there in my successes and failures. Im also thankful to my parents and my siblings for always being there and giving all the imaginable support I could have. My friends and the people whom I met this year allowed me learn a lot, and experience a lot.

For my 20th year, I would like to experience more in life. I can’t wait to spend more time with my family, have more adventures and misadventures with my brothers, and share more fun moments with friends.

I am also very excited to see where my thesis would take me. It’s on Disaster Risk Management by the way. Something really relevant for this country, but not without its complexities. I just had a consultation with my thesis adviser the other day, and boy, there are just a lot of things to do. But challenge accepted because I don’t want to be delayed. I’ll work hard to get my thesis done in a year!

But it is not just the thesis of course, I look forward to meeting new friends and seeing new places. And in God’s will I’ll graduate next year, just before my 21st birthday. Afterwards, I hope to find a good job and see what I can do for this country and for my family!


P.S. Pardon for the cranky writing, I am in a hurry! Haha


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