What will I become in the Future?


I have this tendency of going online just to google anything that interests me at the moment. This evening after doing school work, I chanced to think of searching a random professor’s bio. From reading the bio, I happened to open the website of the research center of UA&P. And for some reason my random internet searching took me to the alumni site of the university.

The particular article that I got into was the 2011 Bar exam passers who were alumni of the university. To my surprise many were not from my course, Political Economy, or Industrial Economics. As you can see, many of them either took Information Technology or Management before studying law.

It seems to me that those people from courses I would not expect to study law were the ones who actually did. You see, I’m coming from a pre-conception, like most people in the Philippines, that pre-law courses should have to do something with politics or economics. That explains my reaction to the article that I read in the alumni website.

But when I think of it, life is really that surprising. I don’t know if the guys or girls from other courses today who seem to lack much interest in current events or anything political under the sun would someday be in the field of law or politics.

That I think proves that we can’t speculate what people will be in the future based on what they are now. They might not like this or that today, but maybe in the future they would change their mind and do something else where they can find more interest and fulfillment.

And that should not create confusion or anxiety for the future in any way. As so long as we stand firm in our belief in the truth and we do good in whatever way we can, we can be assured that no matter where we go, we will be contended and happy.

With that thought, I also reflect on myself. What will I become in the future? Will I be the person I want to be?

We’ll that’s the question that I am yet to answer myself, and for each and every one of us if we ask the same question.

But I am not implying that we are not in control of the future. We are in certain ways. It is just that sometimes things happen a bit differently or there are better options that came about so we changed our mind, so as our plans. But if we are really determined to pursue our dreams or goals in life, our idea of the future must meet with our actions. That is, we should work hard to be the kind of person we want to be.

Of course, God has to be there in our life. For without the light of God, we are like walking in the darkest night without even the spark of light to guide us in an uncertain path ahead of us.

And now back to the question, what will I be in the future and what will be my brothers, friends and classmates be in the future? These questions are yet to be answered and I am looking forward in knowing those answers.


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