Back to School


So school is here again. I can feel it. Yes, I can feel it especially that one of my professors had us read 8 readings for one meeting! You see in my senior year the number or length of readings does not really matter as much as it was before in 2nd year or 3rd year. There can be 12 pages of reading which is very hard to understand due to many technical terms and jargons with it while you can have 32 pages of reading which can be light due to familiar concepts or vocabulary.

In fourth year, however, it can be both long and difficult. But I have to refrain from complaining too much. That is because I see purpose in it. Learning can’t be spot on. It has be worked on with. That is in every effort you exert, you learn something new.

I see this especially true for people studying politics or any other fields touching on public policy. This is because if we are to go out in the professional world one day, we should be well equipped with knowledge not just in knowing concepts but in analyzing real life problems and implementing policy decisions. And in our every action, we should consider that what we do has an impact on many people’s lives.

Dr. Corazon Toralba, my professor in Work and Society do not cease to encourage me and classmates to stand up and create change in society should we graduate one day. Surely a big thing bordering classic idealism and idealistic rhetoric. But to think of it, the challenge has a lot of substance in it. As a student of political economy, we, I mean my classmates and I, have to make use of what we learn to the field in which our specialization applies. And that happens to be, by and large, public policy. Therefore, it is for expected of us to be good policy makers in the same way as a medical student has to be a good doctor when he goes out school someday.

And that is a big challenge. But for now we should settle ourselves in reading the piles of readings before us. If we can’t surmount the challenge of academic learning, then it is all too possible that we can’t do any better in addressing societal issues. That is why in our small task today, we should learn the value of hard-work and determination, which leads us to a common fact in life; that there’s reward in every endeavor well-done. For our school work it’s learning. And for policy making, it’s transforming societies and making the lives of people better.

With that thought, I shall go back to my readings.


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